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Designing Digital Narratives
An Exceptional Content Makeover for a Global UI/UX Agency

Who is the client?

The client is an emerging Global UI UX that needed a website and branding overhaul after three years of continued success as they prepare for the next stage of expansion.

The Challenge

The client had specific conditions that the content had to have a copywriting flair for their website overhaul, must also be seo-proof in addition to being pixel-perfect timed to exact character counts without losing the meaning or context.

In addition, it was a short deadline as the website had to be live at the earliest.

The Outcome

Multiple character-specific variants of Headers with SEO specific keywords were created for pixel-perfect design as there was no scope for flexibility. Post four revision drafts the content was made live on the now overhauled and redefined website.

Do you have specific Content Requirements that Artificial Intelligence or regular writers cannot solve, stringent deadline?

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