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Celebrating Over 15 Years of Marketing Excellence

Introducing IHM Marketing Services, an up-and-coming marketing agency that’s all set to make waves in the industry, led by the seasoned marketing professional, Ms. Isha H. Memon. With her roots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Isha brings with her an impressive portfolio built over 15 years of honest hard work across various industry domains and diverse marketing disciplines and skills.

Isha’s wide-ranging experience has seen her delve into many aspects of marketing – from digital marketing and content management to client servicing, social media strategy, marketing communications, and public relations. This wealth of experience is now propelling IHM Marketing, Isha’s brainchild, on an upward trajectory in the marketing metasphere.

In fact, IHM Marketing is already making strides in the digital marketing metasphere. Under Isha’s adept guidance, the team specializes in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing, fostering growth and enhancing visibility for a diverse client base.

In the sphere of content management, IHM, backed by Isha’s knack for creating engaging and informative content, is a budding powerhouse. Whether it’s website content, blogs, articles, or social media posts, IHM promises quality that resonates with the audience.

Building on our founder’s expertise in client servicing, IHM Marketing is swiftly emerging as a trusted partner for businesses. The firm’s commitment to understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions reflects Isha’s ethos, setting IHM apart in the competitive landscape.

Strategic acumen forms the backbone of IHM Marketing’s services in social media strategy and marketing communications. Under Isha’s stewardship, the firm is adeptly leveraging various platforms and marketing channels to connect with targeted audiences.

Isha’s experience in public relations adds another dimension to IHM’s growing repertoire. Her understanding of media dynamics and relationship management is shaping IHM’s approach to crafting positive and impactful public narratives.

Beyond her professional commitments, she contributes to society as a volunteer with Karma Foundation Ahmedabad and a former Global Shaper at the Ahmedabad Hub. This mirrors her commitment to societal betterment and global development.

Isha’s diverse expertise, dedication, and passion form the nucleus of IHM, driving the firm’s mission to help businesses reach new marketing zeniths.

Our Vision

To Illuminate the Marketing Landscape for startups and SMBs globally with Unwavering Honesty, Inspiring Trust and Authenticity in Every Interaction

Our Values

“In an industry often clouded by numbers and metrics, our compass at IHM Marketing Services is directed by the twin pillars of ethics and innovation. We believe in creating success stories not just through cutting-edge strategies, but by fostering a culture of honesty, transparency, and respect. After all, marketing is about people first, and people thrive on trust.”

Our Mission

To Empower Businesses Globally by Revolutionizing Their Marketing Endeavors, Fostering Sustainable Growth and Success Through Innovative and Honest Practices.

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