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Who is the client?

The client is an established full-service Marketing Agency with a client who had specific requirements related to the “tonality” “branding” and “voice” of the content for their FinTech Startup Studio based in the Middle East.

The Challenge

The startup studio had specific requirements while the website development team had their own set of requirements. UI writing had to be considered keeping in mind the unique tone and “voice” created for the brand that had the perfect balance of being friendly, professional and yet assertive without sounding condescending toward their target audience. It had to reflect the core team’s opinions and way-of-being.

The Outcome

Closely working the end-client, we created specific “tone” and “voice” along with their initial branding and ideation. Six drafts the clean content was updated on the website. Both our B2B client and the end-client have been happy ever since.

Do you have specific Content Requirements that Artificial Intelligence or regular writers cannot solve, stringent deadline?

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